TRE (Neurogenic Tremoring)

If regular “civilian” activities like meditation, yoga, or even the occasional glass of wine are enough to help you release your everyday stresses, then you might not need to experience neurogenic tremors or shaking.

However, if your aches and pains are mysteriously persistent, or if your emotions flare up unexpectedly and at odd times, in gentle doses, this could be the perfect thing for you. The answer to why lies in the nature of stress—which is a big, scary, vague word, so it becomes a big intangible that’s hard to handle.

So let’s break it down.


Day by day, you’re faced with the stresses of the modern world, large and small: your boss lays into you in front of your co-workers; you feel neglected by your spouse; your start-up fails; a loved one gets sick; bills accumulate faster than money….

You get the idea.

With each event, your body responds—much, in fact, as it did millions of years ago when your great-great-great-(times a billion) grandparents were chased by a saber-toothed tiger. Your heart rate goes up, your muscles tense, and your body prepares you for flight (or fight, if your ancestors were badasses).

Here’s the thing: what goes up, must come down. If the body doesn’t come down from its adrenaline high—if we shut down or cut off the natural letting-go process—that tension and stress stays with us, and starts causing problems.

Small ones, at first: tension; aches and pains, sometimes out of nowhere.

Untreated, these small pains grow worse—you need four aspirin or some Percocet, instead of a hot bath and a massage. Sometimes, they morph into weird, inexplicable “ailments”, like insomnia, rage-filled responses to minor events, or even feeling not quite connected to people in our lives.

Eventually, without a way to release the tension from these daily stresses, the small pains and weirdnesses can create misalignments, which, in turn, can cause back, hip, knee pains that seem to appear “out of nowhere” (only now, of course, you know exactly where they come from).


The power of this tremoring, has been understood, harnessed and taught by Dr. David Berceli. This innate ability of our body can be accessed in many ways, most people are brought into the shaking via the original seven exercises taught by most certified TRE providers with a strong focus on stressing the muscles of the legs and the psoas. Though my approach provides release and relaxed engagement of the psoas, the focus is on the nurturing of the spine, torso and our breathing/core muscles. Fascia is released in a different way with the alignment work and students don’t opt to shake after every AlignUp session because they are already deeply relaxed and released.

The work with neurogenic tremors is a process. Depending on your experience, it might be best to do it with other humans around in a class. Either way, It’s helpful to take more than one class or private lesson to explore how it can relieve trauma, long-term stress and the experience of being a sensitive person in a highly stressed world. It’s important to experience the unique freeing of the neurogenic tremors slowly, and over time.

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If you’re interested in taking a class, I recommend you start slow and take my one hour class to see how well prepared your nervous system is for deep relaxation.


Copyright Karen Engler 2013