Align Up’s Core-Breathing Spine-Restoration Class

7528 4th St NW
Los Ranchos de Albuquerque, NM 87107

BIG CHANGES ARE COMING FOR ALIGNUP–I’m no longer accepting new students in this class. I will consider working privately with motivated students.

Did you know that just one of your body’s miracles is the wiring that automatically syncs deep internal core movements with your breathing? Restoring this synchronicity results in relief from structural pain and the unrelenting intensity of a high stress state, that include:

  • Anyone in back, hip, neck, shoulder pain
  • Anyone recovering from sports injuries, especially if you are chasing them (first it’s your knee, then your shoulders, then your neck…)
  • People with MS and fibromyalgia
  • People with PTSD or who have experienced trauma and feel lingering effects
  • First responders, police officers, firemen/women
  • Veterans
  • People who have been experiencing unrelenting stress
  • People who are coming out of recovery from illness or who are in recovery for addiction
  • You are already practicing other forms of self care, but are still struggling with pain and tension.
  • You are a highly sensitive person (HSP) and need self-care tools to help bounce back quicker from the intensity of your emotions and overwhelm being around too many people.

This class merges gentle, helpful hands-on work from instructor, Karen Engler to soothe and progress your body with very clear guidance on how to do this breath-work. We’ll also loosen shoulders, release tight hips and strengthen our feet: all in order to restore our whole body’s synchronicity, relaxation and relief from structural pain.

Reacquainting yourself with the synchronicity of your breath and support for carrying your own weight (literally) will give your body and mind nourishment, and the space it needs to strengthen and heal.

You’ll start where you are, and work at your own pace; absolutely no prior experience with any movement modality is necessary. We find the best ways for your body to do these movements. I strongly encourage you to take at least four classes in order to fully understand how this approach (new paradigm) works.

Sliding Scale Fee of $7-$15. You decide what to pay.

Walk ins are welcome.

Dress in loose, comfortable clothing. Bring a yoga mat (if you have one) and beginner’s mind.

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Cost: Sliding scale $7-$15

You can pay in person, or handle payment for class through our online store. Please select the “Thurs 6:45PM Stress Busters Class”, and enter your sliding scale price option. Then simply print your receipt and bring it with you to class.

Walk-ins are also welcome, and we do accept major credit cards on-site.

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