Pain Free

Whether we experience sciatica, lower back pain, or any other kind of structural pain, the problem affects our whole life. Even simple things we used to take for granted – picking up the grandkids, washing dishes, even leaving the house – become difficult or impossible. We can’t imagine feeling like our long-lost, healthy selves, and this only adds to our present despair.

I have good news. You can feel better, and almost immediately. During our first session, you’ll start moving more freely again. Sooner than you imagine, you’ll be out of pain. And as you go, you’ll rebuild your body in a way that will feel good while you’re doing it, returning you to an ease you’d forgotten you ever had.

Where Pain Really Comes From (and how to deal with it once and for all)

Most approaches to pain recovery focus on the pain point itself: find the source the pain seems to be coming from, then strengthen all of the muscles around that point.

However, pain is just a symptom. Its purpose is to alert you to something gone wrong in the body, and it’s good at that: given enough pain, we’ll seek help. But the pain that shows up as sciatica or a herniated disc or even a torn meniscus has its source in some other malfunction. Like dominoes or a house of cards, that original glitch triggered a chain reaction that is now affecting the integrity of the entire skeleton. To treat the sciatica (or disc, or whatever), you need to treat the entire structure it is a part of.

How do you do that? By strengthening from the inside and giving those joints and muscles in pain a chance to heal with the weight pulled off of them.

Rebuilding Your Self From Within, One Breath At A Time

More and more, physical therapy is coming around to the idea of strengthening the core to help the body handle its own weight. This is a great development, light years ahead of the old “fix the knee, fix the knee pain” methodology. But it both falls short of dealing with pain in a truly holistic way, and is often unnecessarily tedious or arduous.

The AlignUp method differs in two major ways:

First, rather than strengthening your core for brute strength (or sheer vanity), it does so to re-route the weight your body is carrying to the structures originally intended for that purpose. That is, your bones. Which, if you think about it, makes sense: the bones of a house hold up a house; the bones of your body, hold you up. (Fun fact: the bones of the human skeleton in right alignment can safely hold up roughly 3,000 lbs. of weight.)

Second, rather than monotonous and tiring drills (100 leg lifts, anyone?), the AlignUp exercises are easy, relaxing, and even pleasurable to do, because they’re essentially breathing exercises. If you’ve ever taken a pair of good, deep inhale/exhales after holding your breath for too long, you’ve experienced almost exactly how not difficult it is to perform these exercises.


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