My Date With The Tao

I’ve come to a new understanding of what it means to consistently practice (I shudder at the term “work out”). I used to get so ahead of myself and it wouldn’t be long before moving felt like a chore. A chore! Now I surrender to the ground and my breath.  They hold me up and when I am done I feel like I’ve fallen in love. And thanks to all of my internal alignment work, it feels so soft and pleasurable in the doing.

If you fall into a rut or a routine you notice you’re rushing through, find something you love. Dance. Take tai chi. Sing. Find the kinds of movements that are your muse.

This is time lapse video so I was moving much much more slowly (and I think with more articulation.)

I especially love this particular park in ABQ. It’s in the shape of a triangle with beautiful trees.

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