Compassion in Self Care

Feels Like GraceIn any relationship love is on the table. Usually either as a sentiment or a verb. I choose the latter and my most important love relationship is with myself. Anyone can vow to take care of themselves or to be healthy, but whether we choose to let over-thinking and associated “experts” guide us along from an external perspective or whether we choose a hundred times within a day to listen to the animal: is the choice between an arm’s length from truly knowing/being ourselves or thriving in the wildness of our bodies and souls. The latter is not a task for the squeamish but the rewards will feel like stars in your eyes.

Whether you dance or sing or run or drop in on a yoga class : bring love for yourself with you. Treat yourself with the tenderness you reserve for emergencies. Listen with care for the sensations in your body. Take a break when you know you need to. Ease the discomfort and breathe into the good.

You are a miracle. It is time for us to make a loving and nurturing home within ourselves.

2 thoughts on “Compassion in Self Care

  1. You are so right! A true goddess from within❤️
    I hope that I can do this someday soon.
    Raising 3 children with special(extra) needs make this such a challenge for me. I’m swimming again😄

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