Part 3: Digging Out From the Fallout of High Stress, Post Traumatic Stress etc..

This is a series of posts about dealing with a physiology and nervous system that’s been affected by stress. The last two posts covered the importance of respecting the wreckage that stress can have on us and the seven-pronged approach to getting past it. The first post was about acceptance and understanding that conventional ideas about physical fitness could be compromising to we stress bunnies. The second post was about recovery and a new approach to physical health.

I know this post is about rewards, but most of the rewards from taking the actions we’ve discussed in the previous two posts happen as we take these actions. It feels good to do things that feel good, right as we’re doing them! The journey is its own reward.

However, there are some additional benefits that come from going against the grain and treating yourself well and kindly, as I’ve been describing. For one thing, other people’s shenanigans will become less and less likely to take you out of your sweet spot. Yes, feelings and tension will continue to come up. It will just become easier and easier to move through and then past them.

And this new way of moving through the world—with gentleness and ease—will almost certainly provide the most solid foundation you’ve experienced yet to start building toward what you want in your life. Every day, you’ll be learning what feels good and what doesn’t, what makes you happy and what doesn’t, in small ways that you don’t even see or fully appreciate in the moment. But cumulatively, they will lead you to the work and the people and the activities that fuel you without exacting an enormous price for it. You will start to accomplish things with more joy and less effort in all areas of your life.

Eventually—WOO-WOO ALERT—this will become a process that’s less about grieving and recovery from specific people or events, and more about the gift of joy. You’ll have so much in your life to look forward to. And something exceptional will happen. Dr. Berceli, the man who created and harnessed the power of TRE, says that people who have been through trauma and are able to recover from it, end up being blessed in a way that leaves us much better off  than if we hadn’t experienced trauma or hardship in the first place.

He’s not saying that bad stuff didn’t go down for us, he’s saying that the recovery makes life sweeter for us. We’re less subject to the negative influence of other people, we are less afraid of our feelings and know who we are, we are stronger, and more grounded.

The journey never ends as long as we are breathing. Let’s all love ourselves as we go, eh? And then each other.



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